Chicken consumption rising in the USThe average number of meals or snacks containing chicken is up 17 percent from 2012 findings, according to new research presented by the National Chicken Council.

Overall, survey respondents said 6.1 of their snacks or meals contained chicken over a two-week span, up from 5.2 meals in 2012. Millennial respondents were the most likely to eat chicken for their meals though nine out of 10 respondents reported eating at least one meal with chicken during the survey period.

“With the tight supplies in the cattle and hog herds, and accompanying record beef and pork prices, it's not surprising to see a double digit increase in chicken consumption this year,” said National Chicken Council Vice President of Communications Tom Super.

According to the research, health and nutrition topped cost as factors for why respondents preferred chicken over alternative meat sources such as beef or pork.

The entire survey results can be viewed here.