Growth of wine industry dependent on consumer-centric approachThe growth of mainstream demand for wine is shifting towards new markets and consumers. In part, this means more wine for millennials who are consuming more of the beverage than previous generations, according to a new report from Rabobank.

The quarterly report, assembled by the bank’s Food and Agribusiness Research team, looks at global issues of supply, demand, pricing and the changing dynamics of the consumer wine base. According to Rabobank, a consumer-centric approach will be key to drawing in and remaining relevant to new generations of wine drinkers.

“One of the most important developments in today's wine market is a shift in the consumer base, in both geographic and in demographic terms,” said Elena Saputo, Rabobank analyst. “In non-traditional wine drinking countries, millennials are drinking more wine than any of the previous generations did at their age, while in traditional wine drinking countries, they are drinking less but better quality wine.”

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, so should the industry by embracing market segmentation and a new wave of innovation in wine styles.

Instead of changing or diluting established brands, Rabobank says companies should be progressive by developing contemporary styles with new looks and a bold approach that fit the new market.