IDFA analyzes dietary guidelines recommendationsThe International Dairy Foods Association continues to analyze the recommendations made by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, though the association says it is overall pleased with the report which encourages the consumption of more lowfat and fat-free dairy products.

In the recommendations, the nutrients of concern, according to IDFA, remain the same as in 2010. These include vitamin D, calcium and potassium all of which dairy can be a good source for.

The committee’s recommendations noted that in diets that do not include the consumption of dairy foods, a number of essential nutrients dropped below recommended levels. These concerns were bolstered by the committee’s research which revealed lower nutrient intake and diet quality were affected when milk specifically was replaced by other beverages, such as soft drinks, fruit drinks and sports beverages.

One area of dairy the committee did take issue with was overall cheese intake, which was noted as high. The report recommends consumers include more lowfat and fat-free dairy options and less cheese to reduce the overall consumption of saturated fat and sodium.