Rockwell Automation announced this week the release of its FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition (ME) v3.5 module. The unit is the first  that can enable off-chassis data collection from a modular historian. According to Rockwell, the module allows operators using Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix controllers to easily collect data from controllers and devices connected via the Ethernet network.

A modular historian can be critical in operations that require data collection in remote or hazardous locations, and when speed and reliability are crucial. An intuitive auto-discover feature allows the historian module to recognize controllers without additional or custom coding.

“Robust data collection is necessary to obtain critical insights into manufacturing operations,” says Angela Rapko, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “The new firmware expands the granular, real-time and historical data that can be captured by each historian module. It also makes the software even easier to use, so operators spend less time coding the solution and more time leveraging the information it provides to improve product quality, time to market and regulatory compliance.”

The new FactoryTalk Historian ME v3.5 module also includes security hardening through the use of a self-signed SSL certificate, as well as an add-on profile functionality to help operators monitor the health of their module through a dashboard or notifications.

The unit allows a single module to collect up to 2,500 data points from five local and five remote controllers connected via Ethernet. Remote data collection via the module is ideal for applications requiring a collection speed of 500 milliseconds or slower. Local data collection can reach speeds as fast as 10 milliseconds.

 The new module and software will be showcased at the OSIsoft User Conference in San Francisco.