Announcing sweeping changes to company policy, yogurt manufacturer Dannon committed to improving sustainable agriculture practices for its milk supply. The New York-based company also pledged to increase transparency for its portfolio of products and switch to using fewer, and more natural ingredients for flagship brands.

Working with its dairy farmers and suppliers, Dannon says it will implement sustainable agriculture practices and technology in order to improve soil health, better water management, an increase in biodiversity, and a decrease in carbon emission.

Dannon commits to bring all products from three flagship brands—Dannon, Oikos and Danimals—towards the use of fewer and more natural ingredients that are not synthetic and non-GMO. Cows supplying the milk for these products will also be fed using non-GMO feed. Dannon expects this transition to take place throughout the next three years, with the goal of incorporating all brands under this policy over time. Dannon also says by December 2017 it will disclose the presence of GMO ingredients on the label of products that contain them. In the meantime, if one state implements a GMO labeling requirement, since Dannon favors a nationwide labeling system, it will label the presence of GMOs nationwide according to the state requirements.

The first impact of these changes will be visible starting July 2016, when the company will move to more natural ingredients which do not contain genetically modified ingredients for its flagship brands—representing 50 percent of the company’s current volume.