Consumers are demanding more and more to know exactly what is in the foods they are eating. To evolve with this trend, Mondelēz International has just launched a new app that gives consumers quick access to this information and was one of the first companies to sign on to the SmartLabel initiative with the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) following its initial launch.

The app is free and delivers consumers information about more than 1,100 products across the company’s US snack product portfolio.  The digital format has been created to be fast, easy to use and present real-time data in a consistent way. Shoppers simply scan the barcode or SmartLabel QR code on the pack, or search for the individual products online to unlock detailed product information.

Naomi Rosenfeld, marketing director for North America wellbeing strategy at Mondelēz International, has answered more questions about this app and the company’s overall commitment to wellbeing.

FE: Why was it important for Mondelēz to adopt the SmartLabel?

Rosenfeld: Mondelēz International is one of the first companies that signed on to the SmartLabel initiative following its launch in December 2015 and is now one of the first companies to launch a sponsored SmartLabel app. It’s another example of our commitment to consumers’ focus on wellbeing, and listening to their desire for easy access to information about the products they eat.

FE: Is it available on all of the company’s products?

More than 1,100 products across Mondelēz International’s US snack product portfolio including biscuits, crackers, cookies, chocolate, gum and candy are now searchable through the new “SmartLabel Sponsored by Mondelēz International” app as well as online at We’re excited that consumers’ favorite brands from our portfolio are participating, including:

  • NABISCO favorites:
    • GOOD THiNS crackers
    • TRISCUIT crackers
    • WHEAT THINS crackers
    • RITZ crackers
    • belVita breakfast biscuits
    • OREO cookies
    • CHIPS AHOY! cookies
  • GREEN & BLACK’S chocolate
  • SWEDISH FISH candy
  • TRIDENT gum
  • DENTYNE gum

FE: How long did it take to compile all the detailed information and what company-wide effort was needed in obtaining all this information? Did different departments within the company have to work together to achieve this goal of transparency?

Rosenfeld: We worked for about six months and involved many different teams at Mondelēz International, including our global data team, IT, e-commerce, regulatory, legal, marketing, and our wellbeing teams, among others, so it was a real team effort!

FE: How did undergoing this process help advance transparency efforts within Mondelēz’s operations? Did the company learn anything about itself or its suppliers?

Rosenfeld: As part of the process, we reviewed all of our product descriptions to ensure they were in consumer-friendly terms, plus we improved the way we route our data to better sync it with online and other digital platforms.

FE: How will company operations (such as changing an ingredient or process or supplier) affect the SmartLabel information? Is the info automatically updated? Did the company’s data management systems need to be overhauled to help facilitate this?

Rosenfeld: Since the data is from our own company, we simply upload it to the SmartLabel platform as part of our regular processes. But we’re always looking at opportunities to better use and share the data we do have for platforms such as SmartLabel.