FDA has released a guidance document that provides step-by-step instructions to manufacturers of retail food products marketed in the U.S. on how they may convert the previous units of measure for certain nutrients—including folate, niacin, and vitamins A, D and E—on the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Label to the new units in the updated Nutrition Facts label (81 FR 33742 at 33906-33916 and § 101.9 (21 CFR 101.9)). 

The guidance also provides conversion factors that can be used for each of these nutrients and example calculations for converting to the new units of measure for conventional foods and dietary supplements. 

The document includes information that can help manufacturers understand and comply with relevant labeling requirements. 

In 2016, FDA amended the regulations for the nutrition labeling of conventional foods (§ 101.9) and dietary supplements (§ 101.36) to include updated Daily Values (DV), as Reference Daily Intakes (RDIs), for these nutrients. Visit www.fda.gov.