Company: Massman Automation Designs, LLC


Equipment Snapshot: The GP-M3000 automatically opens, fills, closes, and seals standup pouches popular with the cannabis industry and its customers. It can handle both clear and printed pouches, and the system can seal pouches with a variety of reclosing features, including the child-resistant heat-seal closures needed for cannabis products. It can also close press-to-close zipper, eSlider, and Velcro for non-cannabis products.

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Pouches are fed by conveyor into the GP-M3000, which precisely aligns them to assure that pouches get placed into the pouch clamps properly every time. The rotary system then proceeds through successive steps, during which the non-child proof zippers are opened with fingers, date and lot code are printed, pouches are filled and then shaken by vibrators to settle the contents completely. Optional gas flushing is done, and the pouches are then zipper closed and discharged from the system.

The machine is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel throughout for reliability and features hygienic design for thorough cleanability. To ensure smooth pouch movement, flat surface areas in the machine interior have been minimized and are free of protrusions such as bolts and rivets.