Orbillion Bio recently announced its partnership with Luiten Food to bring cell-cultured meats to more than 25 countries across Europe by 2025. The partnership with Luiten will reportedly establish a clear path to market for Orbillion Bio’s cell-cultured Wagyu Beef, making it accessible through more than 1,200 distribution channels in Luiten Food’s network of food service, specialty retailer and butchers.

Orbillion says the partners will co-manage regulatory approval processes and work together to develop a European manufacturing capability to build upon Luiten’s existing food production assets, its experience in food-safety, quality management and supply-chain logistics. Luiten’s partnership with Thomas Foods International Group will reportedly provide the Orbillion Bio an opportunity to take its cell-cultured meat to a global market.

According to Barclays, the market for cell-cultured meat is pacing to scale to a $450 billion global industry by 2040. Cell-cultured versions of these meats are projected to use up to 95% less land and 78% less water, producing 92% fewer GHG emissions than conventional farming.

Luiten Foods says that the partnership Orbillion Bio will deepen its commitment to sustainability and reinforce further company innovations. Along with hopes of furthering its business development, the partners say the integration will allow for the utilization of bioprocess development and food science to develop cell-lines that will appeal to meat-purveyors, future consumers and adapt to a changing climate.