Rosina Food Products Inc., a leading manufacturer of frozen Italian specialty foods, has opened a new meat processing facility in the Buffalo area. The $73.2 million facility was designed and constructed by Stellar.

Global demand for Rosina products grew dramatically even as companies and consumers found themselves tightening their budgets with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 105,000-sq.-ft. building includes a high-speed, state-of-the-art production line, which enables the family-owned company to ramp up production of frozen meatballs, sliced sausage and other toppings to keep up with demand.

“The new facility allows Rosina to continue delivering excellent quality products to consumers,” says Russell Corigliano, CEO and president of Rosina Food Products Inc. “We knew Stellar’s proven record of designing and building innovative, progressive facilities would set our company up for success as we sought to expand operations. The team worked alongside us every step of the way as obstacles arose and offered a list of solutions every time.”

Stellar provided planning, design, pre-construction and construction services for the Brownfield Clean-up Program project. The facility includes:

  • Receiving docks
  • Ingredient holding areas
  • Meat processing area
  • Oven room
  • Packaging room
  • Shipping docks
  • Ammonia refrigeration
  • Mechanical support equipment
  • Office spaces
  • Waste treatment facility

The Stellar team says it navigated a series of challenges throughout the project, including owner-requested scope additions, supply chain shortages and COVID-19 safety protocols. 

The project was shut down in early 2020 for six months as the coronavirus spread. During that time, value management changes to the design were made. As part of these adjustments, Stellar engineered the building for future expansion including process line additions, consolidation of office areas and space for a future finished goods freezer.

“Our team was able to roll with the punches to make owner-requested changes as needed throughout the project,” says Stellar project manager Dobbie John. “We leveraged our experience and expertise to ensure the facility was completed on schedule and within budget. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the Corigliano family to ensure their business continues thriving as it grows.”

Stellar self-performed 45% of the work utilizing the local labor market. To complete the project, 90% of the workers were contracted from western New York. The project was completed as per the schedule.