Zikooin Co. (UNLIMEAT) announced that it is introducing plant-based egg products in partnership with JUST Egg, a U.S.-based maker of plant-based eggs. The two companies recently announced that they have signed a brand license agreement and will unveil new products using JUST Egg's folded format.

Through this collaboration, Zikooin Co. plans to launch various menu items and products that combine UNLIMEAT's plant-based meat and cheese products with JUST Egg's folded egg products.

The company's first collaboration item is the "100% Plant Protein Bomb Kimbap," which incorporates JUST Egg's folded eggs and various plant-based products from UNLIMEAT. Kimbap is a dish from Korea, made by rolling various ingredients in seaweed, including multiple types of vegetables and meats. UNLIMEAT & JUST Egg's Kimbap focuses on high protein content. The co-branded Kimbap will be available for delivery and sale in the Gangnam area starting in September.

Following the Kimbap launch, the companies plan to launch a breakfast sandwich, a handheld format. The breakfast sandwich will feature all-vegan ingredients, including a Korean style Tteokgalbi (grilled short rip) patty, cheese and JUST Egg. The vegan patty has a soybean protein base and is enhanced with umami flavor using onions, garlic and green onions.