AMI releases new Sanitary Equipment Design Principles

American Meat Institute Foundation released its new Sanitary Equipment Design Principles, updating the information originally released in 2002. The Sanitary Equipment Design Principles provide an opportunity for equipment providers and users to identify issues of common concern before equipment reaches the plant floor, and creates a standardized food safety evaluation for use in evaluating equipment. AMI's Ten Principles of Sanitary Design are:

  • Cleanable to a Microbiological Level
  • Made of Compatible Materials
  • Accessible for Inspection, Maintenance, Cleaning and Sanitation
  • No Product or Liquid Collection
  • Hollow Area Should be Hermetically Sealed
  • No Niches
  • Sanitary Operational Performance
  • Hygienic Design of Maintenance Enclosures
  • Hygienic Compatibility With Other Plant Systems
  • Validated Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols

Download the new Sanitary Equipment Design Principles here (PDF).