IDFA most innovative awardsStraying outside the norm, creativity and ingenuity were rewarded at the 2014 Most Innovative Dairy Products Competition which presented top awards to a cucumber dill cottage cheese and caramel apple flavored milk.

Hosted by the International Dairy Foods Association, the awards were given at the IDFA Milk and Cultured Dairy Conference earlier this week.

“The competition for new products and prototype flavors provides great insight into the creative approach that milk and cultured dairy companies and flavoring suppliers are using to create new flavors and products,” said John Allan, vice president of regulatory affairs for IDFA in a statement.

The award for innovative milk or cultured dairy product was presented to HP Hood for their cottage cheese. Company Spokesperson Sarah Barrow said the company has a history of striving to bring new flavors to the industry in the New England area.

“This flavor, cucumber and dill, provides an opportunity to continue that history of innovation while adding unique, savory flavors to the category,” she said.

SensoryEffects Flavor Systems received the award for most innovative milk or cultured dairy product prototype for its yet-to-be-released caramel apple flavored milk.

Mike Smith, technical director at SensoryEffects Flavor Systems, said there is a demand for flavored milk and cultured dairy innovation with this flavor being one example of the many products available.