Based on reader views, we compiled a list of the top 20 web articles of 2021. We hope you enjoy looking back through these pieces—and perhaps catch up on a few that you might have missed.

It is often helpful to review the trends and topics that have held interest in a given year, and, to see what could be the foundation for emerging trends next year. 

Cheers to 2022!

  1. The 2021 Top 100 Food & Beverage Companies
  2. Keurig Dr Pepper wins 2021 Plant of the Year
  3. Pandemic requires new employee training methods
  4. Building a food safety culture requires buy-in from everyone
  5. World's largest plant-based smokehouse opens in North Carolina
  6. Inorganic arsenic in baby food: Getting to the "root" of the problem
  7. Smart packaging: Connecting the physical to the digital
  8. Food and beverage companies cope with labor shortages
  9. Using blockchain to track transparently
  10. Alternative protein growth shows no signs of slowing
  11. Using sensors to improve processes
  12. Big things to know about supply chains
  13. Sustainable plant of the year
  14. The automation of alternative protein
  15. The state of food manufacturing
  16. COVID-19 has provided automation suppliers with the expertise to help food processors to survive the pandemic
  17. Measuring the color of drinks, juices and other liquids
  18. How food and beverage processors can build a glass and brittle plastic program
  19. Extending hyperspectral microscopy to detect foodborne bacteria
  20. Innovation drives success in food safety