Party Horses announced that Maker’s Mark will be its official bourbon partner for 2022 and supply limited-edition Party Horses commemorative labels to 1,000 early adopters in the coming months. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are produced as generative artwork that live on a blockchain. Using an Ethereum smart contract created through computer code, algorithms assign traits to each piece of art during a “minting” process.

Party Horses began as a Louisville, Ky.-based project by co-founders Justin Delaney, a serial entrepreneur and successful multi-exit CEO, and Brook Smith, a philanthropist and prolific racehorse owner.

The first digital event occurred on March 1, when a list of 2,000 early adopters could pre-mint, granting whitelist access. Two weeks later, 10,000 Party Horses will mint, on March 15. NFT holders will be able to access exclusive events, like an exclusive pre-Derby concert featuring a Grammy award-winning artist, with more to be announced soon.

Artwork shows various colored horses adorned with hats and sunglasses gazing at what would appear to be the race field. The premise for the art? What if horses attended the Kentucky Derby to cheer on the human race?