Brevel, a company that specializes in microalgae-based alternative protein and Vgarden, a developer and manufacturer of plant-based foods, announces a collaboration that aims to create plant-based cheeses and other vegan food products that contain Brevel’s microalgae protein. Vgarden will begin the development of the vegan, plant-based, foods. The companies’ currently project that their products will be available for purchase in 2023.

Brevel and Vgarden state that they decided to collaborate on this project to aid the plant-based cheese market by overcoming plant-based protein’s potential impact on taste. Brevel’s microalgae protein is high in nutritional value and have neutral color and taste, which Vgarden hopes will enhance its future products overall quality. It aims to market the protein-alternative non-dairy cheese products to consumer goods brands as well as wholesale food distribution partners.

Reportedly, Brevel’s technology is the first globally to combine sugar-based fermentation of microalgae with a high concentration of light at an industrial scale. The color and taste neutral protein is priced around the market value of pea and soy proteins. This combination of product attributes is stated to be why Vgarden believes it will positively affect the vegan cheese market. Vgarden will manufacture the new product in Northern Israel and plans to introduce the products to the global markets they serve (Australia, U.S., U.K. and Western Europe, and more) in 2023.