It is no surprise that packaging’s aesthetic appeal can dramatically influence consumer purchasing decisions. In addition, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and wellness concerns are increasingly becoming important factors for consumers and brands alike. Food brand owners realize they need solutions that not only boost shelf appeal, but which also demonstrate a positive impact on social and environmental issues that are important to consumers.

This November, professionals in the food industry can discover a variety of innovative solutions at PACK EXPO International 2016 (McCormick Place, Chicago; Nov. 6–9). In addition to the latest in equipment, attendees can benefit from educational sessions where experts will present their insights on the most current packaging trends, solutions and technologies.

Communicate Benefits at Point of Sale

Health and wellness trends in food continue to provide tremendous opportunities for retailers and brand owners if communicated effectively. After all, when food packaging speaks to consumer values and concerns, it reinforces brand loyalty and trust. In the 2015 Global Packaging Trends Report by PMMI, the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, consumer awareness of health and wellness was identified as one of the top three trends for 2015.

The key is to have clear and concise messaging that helps consumers quickly identify what they need at point of sale. As consumers increasingly look for products that are organic, “non-GMO” and “gluten-free” for example, brands that clearly communicate these attributes have a greater advantage on the shelf. Moreover, when a brand demonstrates its commitment to health and wellness, it reinforces consumer trust.

Beyond the Shelf

Integrating corporate responsibility with environmentally conscious business practices is another way of setting apart great brands from others. This not only applies to the food segment but can be seen across every industry. In fact, sustainability initiatives are becoming essential for brands that wish to be considered marketplace leaders.

A 2015 study by Cone Communication on Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) revealed that consumers are taking increasingly strident positions regarding corporate social responsibility, and they are addressing their social and environmental concerns through their purchasing decisions. How a brand’s CSR is reflected in production and business decision making is now a consumer expectation. According to the study, 90 percent of global consumers will no longer purchase from a brand if perceived as irresponsible or if a company’s business practices are deemed as deceptive. Consumers around the world expect companies to do more than make a profit. They have a sense of accountability and look to brands as partners in order to drive social and environmental progress.

Hub of Industry Intelligence

Addressing brand challenges is the first step for businesses embarking toward customer loyalty, commitment and trust. At PACK EXPO, food brand owners will discover the latest innovations in food packaging technology that address the most current trends, specifically but not limited to, transparent clean labeling, sustainable practices and high-quality material options. Additionally, the show will feature ground-breaking advancements in automation, robotics, dispensing, filling, cleaning as well as reducing waste and energy use in every capacity.

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