Nestlé has reached 97% recyclable packaging produced in Italy, accelerating towards the global goal of 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025. In particular, in Italy, the company has achieved 100% recyclability for corrugated cardboard and glass, 98% recyclability for its paper packaging, 96% for rigid plastic, 92% for aluminum and 77% for flexible plastic.

This is what emerged from the 2022 Edition of the Nestlé Sustainable Packaging Commitment: road to 2025 report published to share the results, strategies and areas of application of all the actions undertaken by the Group for the sustainability of packaging.

The actions planned revolve around two strategic premises: working to reduce the quantity of packaging used and, at the same time, implementing new solutions to improve packaging quality and recycling systems.

Nestlé in Italy works to create an increasingly sustainable and circular packaging management system through four fundamental strategic guidelines: research; reduction, reuse and recycling; cooperation; information and education.

The first pilot project in Italy was launched for the disposal of exhausted plastic coffee capsules signed and initiated by Nestlé with Illycaffè and three companies that manage waste recycling in the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region.

To guide consumers, in July 2021, Nestlé renewed “ Where do I throw it?”, its digital platform for separate waste collection, adding indications to better interpret the minimum conservation term, thanks to the collaboration with Too Good To Go as part of the Pact against food waste.