Report: Mandatory country-of-origin labeling has not increased demand for US meat

Eight industry groups including American Meat Institute (AMI) filed a lawsuit against USDA seeking to block implementation of a new mandatory country-of-origin labeling rule. The industry groups say the rule, which requires labels to list where the meat was born, raised and slaughtered are too costly and have no public health and safety benefit.

Processor groups are also challenging a rule that would prevent mixing of meat from Canada, Mexico and other countries with meat from the US.  USDA estimates the labeling change will cost between $53.1 million and $192.1 million to implement. The groups contend the proposed laws violate the constitution and the 2008 farm bill.

Plaintiffs include American Meat Institute; American Association of Meat Processors; Canadian Cattlemen’s Association; Canadian Pork Council; National Cattlemen’s Association; National Pork Producers Council; North American Meat Association and Southwest Meat Association.