Multinational food manufacturer General Mills said in a statement Tuesday the company will commit towards sourcing 100 percent of its eggs used for US products from cage-free operations. The announcement was made as part of an updated animal welfare policy that extends throughout the company’s entire global supply chain.

The statement says, “we believe that by striving for sustainable sourcing for all our animal ingredients, we will create the environment for more humane treatments of animals globally.”

The new policy elaborates on other animal welfare topics as they relate to the companies poultry, pork, and dairy operations.

New policy will affect many of the company’s current brands that use eggs including Progresso, Better Crocker and Helper. Haagen-Dazs—General Mills’ largest international business—already goes beyond the using cage-free eggs and sources 100 percent free-range eggs for all its ice cream products in Europe.

In the new policy, General Mills announced “five freedoms” it will work towards establishing for all animals in its supply chain. These freedoms are:

-Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition.

-Freedom from discomfort.

-Freedom from pain, injury and disease.

-Freedom from fear and distress.

 -Freedom to engage in normal patterns of animal behavior.