Dairy-free parmesan alternative brand Parma! has launched a new line of nut-free products, including two new vegan flavors, Jalapeno Bacon and Garlic Basil.  

 Available in 3.5 oz. and 7-oz. jars on Amazon and on the Parma! website, and soon in retail stores nationwide, both new Parma! products have replaced walnuts with organic pumpkin seeds, which are a natural source of L-arginine—the amino acid that plays a significant role in nitric oxide production, a key ingredient in fighting heart disease. 

In addition, pumpkin seeds are important for men’s health as a result of their high zinc content, are good for post-menopausal women, are able to help the body build protein, are rich in essential minerals and are food allergy friendly.  

Created to offer consumers who follow a vegan or allergen-free diet an alternative to traditional parmesan, Parma! is comprised of six distinct varieties. Beyond the two new nut-free flavors, the Parma! family of products includes Better Than Bacon Parma!, Original Parma!, Chipotle Cayenne Parma! and Garlicky Green Parma! 

A plant-based umami superfood line of convenient and affordable complete protein products, all Parma! flavors are paleo and keto-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and Certified Kosher. Moreover, all six Parma! flavors contain whole raw ingredients, are low in sodium, heart-healthy, packed with essential B vitamins and trace minerals, replete with beneficial animo acids and an excellent source of healthy oils. 

Founded in 2004, Parma! is among the leaders in the dairy-free cheese alternative segment and a key player in the multi-billion-dollar global vegan food category.