Nissin Foods USA has launched GEKI, a brand that means "extreme" in Japanese, and provides a spicier, authentic Asian meal at home. It is available at Sam's Club and will be available at this September.

GEKI's first consumer offering, GEKI Fiery Hot Chicken, is made with chili-infused noodles to deliver spice and flavor. The product introduces a manufacturing technology developed by Nissin Foods USA, infusing chili flakes directly into the round noodles to generate a red hue and heat from within. This heat from the noodles is balanced with flavor from a fiery hot chicken seasoning packet.

Boil the GEKI noodles for five minutes, drain the noodles and mix in the Fiery Hot Chicken seasoning packet before taking on the heat. With this combination, GEKI heats up the Nissin Foods' six-chili pepper scale.

After 65 years, Nissin Foods reports 23% growth in the last five years. Nissin Foods first entered the heat category with the national launch of its Hot & Spicy FIRE WOK line in 2021. GEKI is available for SRP $1.39 at Sam's Club locations nationwide, online at and and will soon be available for purchase in the multicultural aisle at grocery stores.