With more consumers trending towards natural and organic food options, Dietz & Watson announced it has launched a new product line known as “Originals”—a collection of antibiotic free deli meats, organic deli meats, rBST-free cheeses and organic beef hot dogs.

According to the Philadelphia-based Dietz & Watson, the company is seeking to take the lead in “no antibiotics” ever deli items.

“One of the main reasons for our success over the past 75 years has been our ability to not only react to consumer demands, but to anticipate them, so we have been working hard on perfecting the Originals product line for years,” said Lauren Eni, vice president of brand strategy at Dietz & Watson. “There is a lot of ongoing research into antibiotic use in livestock and its effect on resistant bacteria in humans, but regardless of where the science takes us, there is no question that consumers are interested in ABF and organic products.

Right now, antibiotic free beef, pork and chicken account for approximately five percent of meat sold in the U.S., by industry estimates, but its share is growing rapidly. For example, sales of ABF chicken items at U.S. retailers rose around 34% last year, according to market-research firm IRI.

 The new Originals line is unique from Dietz & Watson legacy products in that they have partnered with farms that provide raw material that never receive antibiotics. Dietz & Watson says it is committed to this program and will conduct annual audits of each and every one of its suppliers to ensure they are committed to the “No Antibiotics Ever” standards. The company believes in sustainability and working with suppliers who limit the use of antibiotics, except in the case of humane, therapeutic treatment of illness, however it will also continue to expand the Originals line for consumers who choose to purchase no antibiotic ever food.